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Server info and Frequently asked Questions

What is Elden Aion?
Elden Aion is a 2.7 Old School server. Using Retail Build we can deliver a perfect high quality server.
What is the server's version?
We provide 2.7 Old School experience, with Maximum Level cap of 55.
No new classes (Bard,Gunner,AT) and all the content up to 55 unlocked.
What are the server rates?
Our server rates are dynamic. X3 during the Week and X4 during Weekends.
Where is the server located?
The server is hosted in Europe Germany, providing optimal latency and performace for all European Players.
Is there a VIP or P2W System?
No. Elden Aion does not "offer" any kind of VIP system or P2W tactics.
Our aim is to provide an equal experience to all players away from such.
The 🛍 Webshop currency uses the 🪙 Elden Coin which can be obtained without spending a cent.
What is Elden Coin?
🪙 Elden Coin is the exchange currency we use in our 🛍 Webshop. With it you are able to Trade for unique items such as Cosmetics or Novelty items.
How can I earn Elden Coin?
You can earn 🪙 Elden Coins by using the 🎁 Vote Reward found in the Menu area (Login Required).
You can vote up to 10 times daily and each vote will earn you Elden Coins.You can also earn Elden Coins by exchanging Elden Medals.
How can I earn Elden Medals?
Elden Medals can be dropped by Instance Mobs and traded in the Webshop for Elden Coins.

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